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To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:
WHEREAS hydro bills in Ontario have become unaffordable for too many people;
WHEREAS reducing hydro bills by up to 30 per cent for families and businesses is an ambitious but realistic target;
WHEREAS the only way to fix the hydro system is to address the root causes of high prices including privatization, excessive profit margins, oversupply, unfavourable net export practices and more;
WHEREAS Ontario families should not have to pay Time-of-Use premiums, and those living in a rural or northern region should not have to pay higher, punitive delivery charges;
WHEREAS changing the financing of private contracts and the Global Adjustment fails to reduce the long-term cost of hydro for families and businesses, does not fix the system and, in fact, will cost
billions of dollars extra in borrowing costs;
WHEREAS Hydro One can be returned to public ownership and management without increasing rates;
WHEREAS returning Hydro One to public ownership would deliver over $7 billion back to the province and the people of Ontario
Therefore, we the undersigned, express our support for reducing hydro bills for businesses and families by up to 30 per cent, eliminating mandatory Time of Use, ending unfair rural delivery costs, and
restoring public ownership of Hydro One.


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