Petition to Amend Ontario’s Children’s Law Reform Act

Petition to Amend Ontario’s Children’s Law Reform Act

Dear Friends

To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

Whereas, most provinces in Canada DO provide for visitation and relationship rights between grandchildren and grandparents and Ontario does NOT.

Whereas, when grandparents go to Ontario courts to ask that grandchildren and grandparents be allowed to see each other, Judges are telling them, “There’s nothing in the current legislation that directs that I should do that, so I’m not going to give you that opportunity.” - even though Children’s Aid, Elder Abuse and Public Health Agency of Canada have stated that using children as pawns in relationships, withholding affection, socially isolating and refusing children access to their grandparents or refusing grandparents access to their grandchildren is emotional and psychological abuse.

Whereas, this continued abuse affects the mental and physical health of an estimated 100,000 grandparents and over 300,000 grandchildren in Ontario.

Whereas Ontario grandparents, acting on behalf of their grandchildren and themselves, have been asking legislators since 2005 to “Stop the abuse and reform The Children's Law Reform Act” and (6) successive, bi-partisan bills have been proposed, but each bill has successively been allowed to sit on the order paper and never moved forward to 3rd reading.

Whereas, numerous studies have shown that grandchild-grandparent relationships can be a positive force in reducing the enormous costs that ongoing abuse causes to the Province of Ontario and to society which are outlined by The Public Health Agency of Canada - intergenerational transmission of abuse, delinquency and adolescent maladjustment and interventions by health practitioners.

We the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and urge all legislators, in a bi-partisan effort, to support the changes to the Children’s Law Reform Act proposed under Bill 34 and move it to 3rd reading.


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