Petition to Stop Plan to Increase Seniors’ Drug Costs

Petition to Stop Plan to Increase Seniors’ Drug Costs

Petition to Stop Plan to Increase Seniors’ Drug Costs

On Thursday, the Liberal budget nearly doubled the cost that most seniors will pay for the medication they need to stay healthy. This happened without consultation, without asking seniors and without any warning. I don’t think that’s right.

An average senior in Ontario needs 8 different kinds of medication, 1 in 3 need more than 10 medications and most are on fixed incomes.

Yet as a result of Kathleen Wynne’s latest budget, a senior making $19,500 will see their Ontario Drug Benefit deductible almost double and they’ll pay a dollar more for each prescription they get filled, starting this summer.

For seniors on a fixed income these costs are going to add up fast.

For months, I’ve been talking with people across our community about the impact of Kathleen Wynne’s decision to sell-off Hydro One, and what this is going to mean for people across Ontario.

In town after town, and city after city, seniors have told me how carefully they have to plan their budgets. Increasing drugs costs will throw that planning into further chaos.

I’m worried that as costs increase that we will see more and more seniors that can’t afford to take the medication they need to stay healthy.

And when people don’t take their medication it leads to declining health and complications down the road. That means more seniors in hospitals, waiting even longer for care, instead of living in good health at home.

During the most recent campaign, the Premier once made a point to say “[t]he reward for a lifetime of hard work should not be poverty in your golden years.” But now the campaign is over, it’s seniors on fixed incomes who are going to be paying the price.

Kathleen Wynne might think this plan to increase drug costs looks good on paper, but the people who will find it even harder to pay for the medication they need, are our parents, grandparents, our friends. They’re the people who have helped build this province and they deserve respect.

Ontario’s New Democrats have been standing up for seniors and pushing hard to ensure they have access to the prescription drugs they need, when they need them.

We should be expanding prescription drug coverage and protecting universal access to health care, not cutting back the coverage that seniors need. Now is the time for all of us to stand up together, to protect the health of Ontario’s seniors.

I hope you will join us.

To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:
WHEREAS the Government of Ontario will require most seniors to pay significantly more for prescription drugs starting on August 1st, 2016, under changes to the Ontario Drug Benefit,
WHEREAS most seniors will be required to pay a higher annual deductible of $170 and higher co-payments each and every time they fill a prescrip¬tion at their pharmacy,
WHEREAS the average Ontario senior requires at least eight different types of drugs each year to stay healthy and maintain their independence, and
WHEREAS many seniors on fixed incomes simply cannot afford to pay more for prescription drugs -- and should not be forced to skip medications that they can no longer afford and to put their health in jeopardy,
WE THE UNDERSIGNED petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:
Stop the Government’s plan to make most Ontario seniors pay more for necessary prescription drugs and, instead, work to expand prescription drug coverage for all Ontarians.


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