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January 25, 2023

News from the Park January 25, 2023

Out-of-province nurses and healthcare workers don’t need an MRI, x-ray machine, or heart monitor to see what is in Premier Ford’s heart and mind. His actions speak louder than words. Why would heal... More
January 25, 2023

Urgent need for public healthcare investment - January 25, 2023

Investment in public health care is the only way to solve health care staffing crisis More
January 24, 2023


Ontario falling farther behind on surgery backlog due to Ford driving away workers More
January 19, 2023

News from the Park - January 19, 2023

How can Premier Ford explain that his government has public dollars to fund for-profit health clinics but not our public hospitals? More
December 16, 2022

News from the Park - December 16, 2022

Premier Ford has an upside-down view of democracy.  Since when do the principles of democracy include the ideals that decisions should be made with as little as one-third support of duly elected of... More
December 8, 2022

News from the Park - December 8, 2022

If an entertainer drops the ball, we can laugh it off. But if a juggler responsible for his or her family drops the ball, the well-being of loved ones is at stake. My hat is off to all those who ar... More
December 1, 2022

News from the Park, December 1, 2022

“We know Doug Ford wants to send more surgeries to for-profit clinics, and now we have proof he is okay with Ontarians being forced to pull out their credit card to access OHIP-covered services." N... More
November 25, 2022

News from the Park - November 25, 2022 - Lives will be saved

The NDP's years of persistent and determined pressure on the Government have paid off. Finally, Premier Ford and his Conservative Government understand how important the issue of improved winter hi... More
November 17, 2022

News from the Park - November 17, 2022

If it is true that "Opportunity knocks only once, but temptation keeps hammering at the door, time after time,” Why does Premier Ford keep answering the repeated hammering at the door?  More
November 10, 2022

News from the Park - November 10, 2022

Because Doug Ford couldn’t resist pulling a thread of yarn, he has dropped an ugly tangled mess around Ontarian’s feet. More