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September 17, 2021

News from the Park - September 17, 2021: The Creator gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason; so that we can listen twice as much as we talk.

Meeting so many people and talking about so many things, I learn so much about the real issues that matter to Ontarians and matters that are of particular concern to Northerners. More
September 10, 2021

News from the Park - September 10, 2021 "In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still."

"The people of Ontario are seeing matters deteriorate by the week in other provinces and within Ontario. They are looking for strong, confident leadership to navigate us through this peril safely."  More
August 27, 2021

News from the Park - Aug. 27, 2021

Andrea Horwath and the NDP believe that delivering quality public health care is the most important responsibility that a provincial government has.   More
August 20, 2021

News from the Park - Aug. 20, 2021 "Ontarians are fed up with Doug Ford’s long list of half swings."

The majority of Ontarians who have done the right thing and got their shot deserve to dine, shop and play without fear.  The business community needs Ford to stop implementing his half measures and... More
August 6, 2021

News from the park - Aug. 6, 2021

As I look around and talk to more and more people, I am seeing exactly what I knew was just under the surface the whole time -- the strength and resiliency of Ontarians as we now are seeing some li... More
July 23, 2021

News from the park - July 23, 2021 "Let me tell you about our Ontario."

There is no better place in the world to travel than Ontario.  The beauty, diverse cultural experiences, world-class outdoor recreation and incredibly special hospitality industry make this provinc... More
June 30, 2021

News from the Park June 30, 2021

Let there be no doubt in our hearts that Canada is still one of the greatest places to live in the world.  We may not be perfect and have made some big mistakes in the past.  But we can use our mis... More
June 18, 2021

News from the Park - June 18, 2021

Well, as of June 21st, with the onset of the summer solstice, we can finally say that summer is officially here… summer is here, and it’s time to set our sights on the future with a hopeful outlook... More
June 15, 2021

News from the Park - June 14, 2021

Doug Ford’s legislation to muzzle Ontarians from organizing and speaking out is quite simply a blatantly desperate attempt to muzzle the very people he’s supposed to serve.  It’s just not right!   More
June 7, 2021

News from the Park - June 7, 2021

What in this world could you say is more consistent than the passage of time?  Whenever I see a grandfather clock with its pendulum swinging, I can’t help but marvel at its ability to mark time as ... More