Statement from the NDP critic on Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation on Louis Riel Day

Michael Mantha, MPP for Algoma-Manitoulin and critic on Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, released the following statement today:

“Today, we celebrate the life and contribution of Louis Riel. On this day, one hundred and thirty-two years ago, Louis Riel was executed as a result of the role he played in leading the Northwest Resistance in the 1870s and 1880s. This movement was initiated for the purpose of defending the rights of the Métis in their fight for recognition) as distinct people.

As a result of Riel’s determination and commitment to this movement, he is considered to be a founder of the province of Manitoba and is credited with bringing recognition to the Métis as a distinct people, making this country a better place for everyone.

We’re proud to celebrate Louis Riel’s legacy in Ontario, where Métis people have vibrant communities. We’re happy to work hand in hand with Métis people in Ontario to develop better opportunities for them and continue the important process of reconciliation.

La contribution de la Nation Métis pour l’Ontario et tout le Canada est des plus importantes. ‘’