MPP Michael Mantha media statement: International Earth Day: April 22nd, 2019

ELLIOT LAKE – Algoma-Manitoulin MPP Michael Mantha says, “Every day the news we read and hear focuses a great deal on peoples’ differences. But thankfully we set aside one day a year to focus on something that all of us have in common – the Earth.”

Each year, people from around the world recognize April 22nd as International Earth Day. Since the first official Earth Day occurred in 1970, events are held in nearly 200 countries to help all of us highlight the importance of protecting the Earth and its environment. It is a day when we can recognize the ambitious spirit and contributions of those serving on the front lines, both around the world and in our own neighbourhoods.

Activities, large and small are held to encourage people to do their part in protecting this planet we call home. “Earth Day serves to inspire people to join their friends and neighbors to connect with nature and work together to protect the Earth and build strong, sustainable and resilient communities,” said Mantha. “Here in Algoma-Manitoulin, we have access to some of the richest resources in the world, literally right on our doorstep. How many people can say they can breathe pure, clean air, filtered by our forests? How many people live minutes away from sparkling Rivers and streams full of fish and woodlands where wildlife is healthy and abundant?”

Earth Day serves to unite people to contemplate our collective efforts to care for the earth. Everyone can take part by doing something to encourage themselves and others to think “green.” Whether it’s walking down the street or forest pathway with a friend picking up litter, attending a local rally or turning off your lights and television for an hour on Earth Day, it all adds up and makes a difference.

Mr. Mantha concluded with a favorite Indigenous proverb saying, “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors – we borrow it from our children.”