MPP Michael Mantha media statement: National Police Week: May 12th – 18th, 2019

Queen’s Park – No matter where you live in North America, hardly a day goes by that people can open their newspaper or tune in to the news without learning of some man-made or natural tragic event in which people are being assisted by emergency services of some description. When we see or hear coverage of just about any sort of situation, there is one group that is always there, no matter what the nature of the event is. Fire, flood, lost child, car accident, attack…. No matter what the situation, our Police Services are there when we need them.

Since 1970, Canadians set aside the second week in May to acknowledge the incredible contribution that our Police Services provide. They are constantly on patrol keeping our highways, streets, cities, towns, homes… even our recreational water waterways safe each and every day. For this we are eternally indebted to them.

“There is something truly remarkable about the thousands of men and women in Ontario who willingly choose to lay their lives on the line every day just to keep others safe and be there to help whenever needed.” Said Algoma-Manitoulin MPP Michael Mantha. “Most of us know that when a police officer kisses their children and loved ones goodbye as they head off to work each day, that they are laying their lives on the line in the truest sense of the word.”

Whether helping to manage a traffic accident, investigating a crime, looking for a lost child or senior or keeping our roads free from careless or impaired drivers, the Police are there when and where they are needed.

Unlike some societies where they have Police Forces, here in Ontario we are fortunate to have Police Services. Even though the difference in wording might seem negligable, in reality there is an enormous difference in societal understanding. The word services reflects the Canadian view that for us, the focus is on serving the community. Mantha explained, “Here in Ontario our Police Services put great emphasis is all on making our communities safe. Ontario’s municipal, provincial, regional and Indigenous police services understand that developing and nurturing a sense community and demonstrating overall care and compassion leads to happier, safer more productive societies.”

Mantha went on to explain this may partially explain why statics show that, after compensating for population differences, police forces in the United States are six times more likely to be involved in situations requiring use of lethal force than Canadian police services figures demonstrate.

Police officers are there when we need them most. National Police Week is a great time to reach out to express our appreciation for the difference these men and women make to our society. Mantha encourages everyone to show their thanks to local officers by sharing a thankful post on social media, modeling a positive attitude towards police for our youth or just shaking an officer’s hand and saying thank you.